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Top Imobiliário Award

The "Top Imobiliário" award is the result of a partnership between EMBRAESP and "O Estado de S. Paulo" newspaper and has been acknowledging the more active developers, builders and sellers in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, since 1993.

Each year, companies that are best classified in the EMBRAESP rank (calculated based on surveys conducted systematically over the years concerning releases on real estate both residential and commercial (offices), and that obey their own pre-established criteria and methodologies and are recognized by all real estate professionals) are honored with awards.

In the event the top 10 are awarded in each category - Development, Sales and Construction. There is also emphasis to the "performance" trophy, awarded to companies that achieve first place in the five analyzed topics, being number of releases throughout the year, number of buildings (for the same enterprise), number of units, total released area and general value of sales.

This year the "Top" celebrates 19 years of existence and it is the most important award in the industry, reflecting the strength of the partnership between the Embraesp, the Estado and the market leaders.